Terms of use

§1. Minimum age
The applicant assures Modern Hosting Systems that he has completed his 14th year of age.

§2. Free
The entire services of Modern Hosting Systems are provided free of charge.

§3. Disclaimer
Modern Hosting Systems is not responsible or responsible for the content written on the Teamspeak servers. If the services are used for illegal activities, they will be shut down without warning. In addition, criminal charges are filed with the competent authorities.

§4. Property decision
The sponsored services will be owned by Modern Hosting Systems throughout the sponsorship process! Those services may not be passed on to third parties. This leads to the immediate deletion of the service. If the owner changes, this should be reported immediately to the MHS team!

§5. Sponsorship period
The service can be used by the applicant until he can no longer comply with the terms of use. Modern Hosting Systems reserves the right to stop or even delete a service for any reason. This will be decided depending on the admeasurement of the admins. The applicant is required to proceed at least one successful connection every 30 days.
This ensures that the bot is used by you.

§6. Number of bots
In retrospect, customers can have their bot number changed by the MHS team, but this is only possible every 7 days via TeamSpeak 3 server.

§7. Other controlbots
The applicant assures Modern Hosting Systems that he does not use any other controlbots from other free services.

$8. Accessibility
We do not guarantee access to the services. Despite all safety precautions it can come to failures.

§9. White List Settings
In order to guarantee flawless function of the Controlbot, it is necessary to whitelist these IP addresses onto your Teamspeak:, and

§10. Sponsorship
Any applicant ordering a free Controlbot from Modern Hosting Systems must accept these Terms of Use. To ensure that they have been read, please enter the phrase #read in the intended field. Orders received without this notice will be rejected without any further reason.

§11. Validity
These Terms of Use enter into force on 14.06.2018 and are valid until further notice without limitation.

§12. Privacy
We assure that the data provided by you, such as e-mail address or name, will be treated confidentially and will not be passed on to third parties. The information is required to act against legal violations. You will not receive any advertising or spam mails.

§13. Approval
When ordering a Controlbot, the applicant automatically accepts these Terms of Use.